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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Melody? Yeah right.

I hate waking up by alarms.

For the past two mornings I've tried to do it.

The first time I:

Set it carefully for the correct time.

Put the tune on 'Melody.'

And lay it next to bed, on my dresser table.

I woke up about half-an-hour before the alarm was to go off, so I snuggled back down for another try at sleeping.

I had just gotten into that period of sleeping really lightly, I was having a weird dream about astronomy and traintracks....

When this loud, thumping, bell of an alarm went off.

It is the most annoying tune and couldn't even be classed as a 'Melody.'

I woke so suddenly I was shaking.

All over.

My view was shaking.

And when I reached out to turn off the alarm, I couldn't....

Because my hands were shaking.

I swore never again, but was slightly tempted the next night when I saw you could simply put it on 'Vibrate.'

No thumping 'melody' , just quiet vibrate.

So I did it.

Against my better judgement.

Once again I woke up earlier than I was supposed to. I almost tried to stay awake so that I would not have to go through the pain of an alarm again, even if it was only vibrate.

I fell back asleep.

Imagine: Warm, under the covers, surrounded by pillows, dreaming of a nice scene. Suddenly, that nice scene starts shaking, like there's an earthquake.

You wake up suddenly.


The stupid phone is vibrating.

You go to turn it off, but because of the sudden wake up, you're vibrating too.

I hate alarms.

Never, ever, again.


Helen said...

There is a great deal to learn from this experience Jordan. Namely chuck the stupid thing out and keep sleeping until you wake up. I am a big fan of this particular theory, and yet I realise that if I do not get up and start the day before 11am (I wish) then nothing ever gets achieved. Maybe you could ask your lovely Mumsy to wake you with a fresh pot of tea and some raisin toast (hang on - that's my fantasy). Good luck with that.....

Jordan said...

Mmmmm, yes...
Tea and raisin toast does sound nice...Can I borrow your fantasy...?
Now, Mum, how about it? 7-8 every morning? Tea and toast?