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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Camping on the Weekend

This weekend, we went camping.
Out in the bush.
With snakes and spiders and stuff.
It was quite fun.
And we went with friends, which made it better still...
o here are so photos from the weekend.

First there was the setting up of tents. I was paired with Kaity, and Emily was paired with Angela. The tent on the left is the one that Kaity and I did, or at least tried to do.

As you can see, Mum and Dad just sat back and watched while Kaity and I sweated and pulled and tried to keep the tent from blowing away.

A smug Angela and Emily.

And then the rest of us arrived and it started all over again.

And then we had to start a fire...

And were finally rewarded with a glorious sunset.
The kind that you don't usually get to see in Dubbo.
Where we were staying was pretty nice for scenery...
But with nice scenery comes....

...All the things that live in it.
This fellow was hiding behind some tree bark. It's mate was almost double the size.
I normally have a bad case of arachnophobia when I see a medium sized spider, you know, shaking all over, inward shrieking, that kind of thing.
So when I saw this thing........woah!

We spent the time with music...

...and games, such as Monopoly, Snorka (?), Cards, and Balderdash....(Did you know that the word 'Duddyfunk' means a New England Pie!?)

Model shot: I like this picture, even though I look like I'm in pain.

So yeah, it was pretty fun...apart from that creepy spider in the tree bark...and those two huge ones at the information centre...and that large one that built a huge web in just a couple of hours and then took it down in the night and was discovered on the car about fifteen metres away, only to be killed by dad.......
Yeah, apart from them.


Kay said...

Was fun eh Jordan!

Lorraine said...

Oh what a wonderful experience for you all. While we sit inside while the rain is teeming down outside. Actually the sun has shone today once. We are bracing ourselves for the weekend and the "cyclone", woudn't it be lovely to be camping near Dubbo. You lucky people