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Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Dear People Who May Happen to Glance Upon my Blog Every Now and Again,

Hi, how are you? I'm okay.

I'm sorry that I am lazy. I've not posted much lately. Life seems to be, "school", "school", "school", and "lets go away for the weekend."


  • 2 weekends ago we went camping.
  • Last weekend was a birthday party/ camp out.
  • This weekend coming is my cousin's wedding up in Brisbane.
  • Next weekend is my Youth's 'Easter Camp.'
  • The weekend after that is 2ND week of Easter holidays, Emily and I are going to Bourke.

So, yes. That's my excuse for being lazy and not writing more.

What have I been doing lately?

  • I am bravely trying to read Lord of the Rings, with the temptation that I can watch the movie at the end.
  • Emily and I entered into the Dubbo Eisteddfod that will happen in June, I think. I entered into-
  1. Piano Duet with Emily
  2. Bible Reading, Jeremiah 34, 1-7. (A few hard-to-pronounce names there: Lachish? Azekah? Zedekiah? Any idea on pronunciation?)
  3. Prose Reading, 13-15 years, Approx 175 words from “The Outsiders” by S E Hinton, “Tomorrow when the War Began” by John Marsden, or “All the Rivers Run By” by Nancy Cato.
  4. Sight Reading, Preparation Time, 1 Minute.
  5. Duologues- Own Choice, Excerpt from any play, Time limit: 3. (With Emily)

So that'll keep me busy too.

  • There was a little bit of Op shopping last week. I got a really nice dress for $4.50. ;D
  • I'm watching The Merchant of Venice with Mum and Emily.
  • I'm continuously getting a little weirded out by my family. Right now they're singing 'Smelly Cat' in the kitchen. Look it up on youtube when you're done this and you'll see why I'm concerned.

Now, I had better get ready for school. I'll see you when I see you,

Yours truly,


Lorraine said...

I hope in all your busyness we will get a little time for a hug in the next couple of weeks

Kylie said...

I hate that song. I'm glad they were singing smelly "cat"
ps. why is my hair sticking up so much in the stick family pic??? xx

Helen said...

Thanks for the update Jordan - and trust me, even from here I am completely wierded out by the image of your Mum singing "smelly cat". Just joking Kayleen - I think you're gorgeous!!!
Have fun in all your mad busyness.....

Jordan said...

Nanny - Definitely, I should be very disapointed if I didn't get one!
Kylie - It's time you admitted that you secretly like that song. And...I decided I like you as a stick person with spiky hair.
Helen - Don't think that it's weird for Mum to sing 'Smelly Cat.' In this house it's utterly normal...It's a ZOO!