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Thursday, 18 March 2010

God King

God King
Joanne Williamson
Book Review

The priests, the warriors, the many wives and children, fell upon their knees, their foreheads pressed to the cold floor of the chamber. Taharka heard again the voice of the sun priest.
“Taharka, child of the god, rise.”
He was trembling. What did it mean? What had happened? Was he to be punished now? His hands were being crossed upon his breast. Something cold and smooth was being pressed into them. It was the golden wand of the god.
“Take possession of the land, Taharka, soul of the hawk, beautiful child of Ra, son of the sun, bringer of the Nile, Lord of Kush, Great God of Napata and Meroe, and Pharaoh of Egypt.”
Taharka had become a god.

Prince Taharka, son of a Bantu slave girl, has become god and Pharaoh of Egypt. Taharka thinks at first that it is a mistake; it is Prince Shabataka who was expected to be god; not him.
But now, as Lord of Kush, Taharka must learn the ways of the god. He must marry Shepnu, the priestess of Thebes, and he must also protect himself from Prince Shabataka who will plot to take over what he considers his rightful throne.
When he is proclaimed a pretender by his own brother, he must run away from all that he has ever known.
He has already met up with dangers such as poison and murder, but now he must meet up with the peril of the outside world, such as the powerful Assyrian leader, Sennacherib.
This fictitious story uses historical events from the time of the Egyptian history in 700 BC and will be enjoyed by readers 11+.
Another story by Joanne Williamson is the best-selling book ‘Hittite Warrior.’

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Koala said...

Sounds Gr8 Jordy, I should read it, I likes the Hitite Warrior.