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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Dunn Swamp

Because I posted most of my photos on Facebook, I won't post any on this blog...

But I will do a blog..a short one...let's say...5 things about Dunn Swamp.

(FYI: Dunn Swamp was a camp that Emily and I went on with some other Cornerstone was awesome!)

  1. I slept in a tent with Emily, Annabelle, Jo, and Jessie. Poor Annabelle got in the middle of a few ghost stories one night, but she wasn't the only one who got a little freaked out, uh..actually...there was a fair bit of screaming (sorry, fellow campers!), when Jessie (who was telling a story with the torch) suddenly appeared to have a devil-cat (!) lurking over her head! Actually it was just her hair in the shadow but it freaked me out.
  2. We went canoeing! It was probably the first time in ages for me and my arms were sore after, but it was still cool. Emily, Hannah. S, and I rowed and sang 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat' in three parts... :D.
  3. Right after the former episode...our canoe landed upon a strange unknown rock (right after we have rowed into the weeds for the dozenth time) and we got out...along with everybody else. And we went to the highest peak of rock...where the crazies jumped into the water. those crazies are so crazy and I vowed not to be like them...but in the end, after a fair bit of peer pressure, I did it too! Scariest moment of my life watching that water come up to meet me. NEVER AGAIN!
  4. Hiking. Ugh. I felt so unfit being dragged up that was more like a big rock...but it was still tough...I was reminded of my six-year-old self bounding up Ayes Rock and I start to wonder what's happened to me since then.
  5. And now I'll just sum the rest of it up in one line. Or two. Drying, soaking wet towels in front of the fire, lighting up our hands with a box of matches and deoderant (weell, I only did it once), dancing around with glowsticks, MAFIA (that was so much fun), and, of course, open mike night (Thanks for attending, scouts-who-camped-next-to-us!).

So, yep, it was an awesome time...Can't wait for it and Blackstump next year! :D