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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sharks, stingrays, flesh-eating piranhas, here we come!

Woohoo! Christmas holidays have arrived! I'm so glad. My family and I are spending some of the Christmas holidays at the Sunshine Coast, with beaches!! I feel like I haven't been to the beach in ages...You know, with the sharks and stingrays and flesh-eating piranhas and the gritty sand in your eyes and all those other awful stuff that makes holidays so wonderful!

I've been writing in this blog since February, almost a year...and this is my 115 blog post! Still, lots of them are probably all those book reviews that I publish when I have nothing else to put in my entry, speaking of which, I also get a break from them during the Christmas break.

In other small-time news:

  • I brought a dark-light red Canon camera. Should be perfect for all those beachy photos... (Hope I don't find any more of these (meaning the giant bloated fish and tiny rainbow seahorse from last holidays...)
  • I'm rockin it in Singstar, High School Musical...Beating anyone who verses me! Nothing can stand in my way now...Today, High School Musical Singstar, tommorow the World!

Merry Christmas- see you in 2010!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Hating Alison Ashley

Hating Alison Ashley
Robin Klein

‘Hating Alison Ashley’ is a fantastic book by Robin Klein. It starts with Erica Yurken, a sixth grader who knows she is predestined to be an actress. She feels superior to the rest of her school and dreams to herself all the time about being on stage with the lights, the glittering dress, the fancy shoes; Erica knows it’s hers for the taking.
Then, one day, Alison Ashley shows up.
Alison Ashley is beautiful, smart, rich, well-mannered, and in every single way, perfect. With a bossy older sister, a hermit brother, and a little sister that acts like a horse and takes up most of the shared bedroom, Erica doesn’t need any more trouble. So she decides she has to get back at Alison for showing her up all the time, and school camp seems the perfect place for doing just that.
A hilarious, Australian story that will capture the attention of readers aged nine to sixteen.-
This brilliantly-written book is entertaining from the first sentence to the last and is perfect to curl up with and read from beginning to end.
Some other books by Robin Klein are…

· All in the blue unclouded weather
· Dresses of red and gold
· Laurie loved me best
· The sky in silver lace

I would rate this book five stars out of five.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

There Were Butiful Waterfalls

And so the diary saga continues...

Dear Diary,

Today we played with the Blackmans it was fun for w hile we played with our other frieds and then they left so we played with the Blackmans again we went to mary ann dam and played for a while and all sots for games. The End. Jordan.

Dear Diary,

Today a lot happened. Well to start whith today we did a day trip first, We went for a walk to this place where you could swin and there were butiful water falls and fish in there. Only a short swim so that we could have lunch then we went to this roukc hole to swim agine there were small fish there i lost my goggles there u couldent find them. but when we came back we went for a hotter swim. That all, Jordan.

Dear Diary,

today we are moveing on the trip we kept stoping we are going to this cool place it called Berry Springs theres a water slid there so you can swim and thers paddleboats it going to be fun i miss my frends and tesse a loy there is green trees on the side of the rodd mum said that at Berry Springs there "will be green grass" so that will be cool to run around in i havent seen green grass for so long.

Monday, 14 December 2009

We Saw Some Camils

Here's another entry from my diary of going around Australia in 2004-2005.

dear diary
we are still haeding (heading) up for darin (darwin) where we meet frend we saw some camils thear ugly but it was still fun looking at them we fond (found) some bottlls heups (bottle caps) about 108 We met a boy we didn't know his name but he said to us Goodbye.

I still have no idea what all that means. Maybe you guys can figure it out... This next one even has puncuation!

dear dairy
we went fossil hunting. We found some fossil it was fun. after that we went to this mushroom (??) , it was big we found some fossils when we were there. The next day we came here its caled Ellery Creek Big Hole it hasa nice creek. it has dingoes its scary because they howl. ps the mushroom was just made out of rock (phew) it was at rainbow vally. the End.

Dear Diary.
Me and the grils (girls) played barbies and Jenna gave me a cool barbie. it was fun. tomorrowe are going in to town itis fun in town. we went for a walk down in the Gorge it was fun for Lunch was bacon and eggs on some breade. Dad was working all day I felt sorry for hi,. there is not much to say today but some some, i have told most of it. The fire is nice and warm, so thats about all.
bye. Jordan.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


From April '04 to May '05 our family travelled around Australia. Mum and Dad made us write a diary while we travelled. I hated doing it then, but I do like looking back on what I wrote. At least, whatever of it I can comprehend. There is absolutely NO punctuation whatsoever and very little spelling that is correct. I will do my best, however, to translate.

Sunday 4/4/04

We had a fire and I rode my bike and I went swimming and played with my friends. Our friends got here, lots of fires, my chain on my bike came off, I did my bible study, my feet got muddy. We are at Charlie Morland.

That was my first entry. You have to cut me some slack on this one. I was seven! The next one is practically incomprehensible. Something about dress-ups and lots of prickles (prikls) and a bird doing it's business on my shoulder. Anyway, I will continue to translate- or try...


Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Exiles at Home

Book Reviews
The Exiles at Home
Hilary McKay

“You’ve bought an illegal boy in Africa?” asked Naomi, amazed. “You can’t buy people! And anyhow, you never have any money, none of us do! What are you going to do about it?”
The school term is just beginning for the four Conroy girls, and from the beginning, things start happening.
Is it just chance that Ruth Conroy happens to go to the library and fills out a form saying that she wants to sponsor a child in Africa for ten pounds a month?
However, after sending away all of her Christmas money, Ruth becomes in desperate need of money. So she lets her older sister Naomi in on the secret, and then her two younger sisters, Rachel and Phoebe. With all of them trying to get money, their grandmother and mother begin to get suspicious at their urgent requirements, and unless they can get the money in time, their secret won’t be a secret for very long.
This book will interest ages 8-15.
I enjoyed reading ‘The Exiles at Home’ because you immediately want to read more of the story as it is humorous and compelling.
Some other books by this author are:
· The Exiles
· The Exiles in Love
· Indigo’s Star
· Saffy’s Angel
· Permanent Rose
I would rate this book 3 stars out of 5 for it’s excellent and interesting storyline.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Last night was 'Messy Games' at Youth Group. By the end of the night I had flour in hair, on my back and front, on my face, and if I scratched my head I got flour under my nails....