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Monday, 14 December 2009

We Saw Some Camils

Here's another entry from my diary of going around Australia in 2004-2005.

dear diary
we are still haeding (heading) up for darin (darwin) where we meet frend we saw some camils thear ugly but it was still fun looking at them we fond (found) some bottlls heups (bottle caps) about 108 We met a boy we didn't know his name but he said to us Goodbye.

I still have no idea what all that means. Maybe you guys can figure it out... This next one even has puncuation!

dear dairy
we went fossil hunting. We found some fossil it was fun. after that we went to this mushroom (??) , it was big we found some fossils when we were there. The next day we came here its caled Ellery Creek Big Hole it hasa nice creek. it has dingoes its scary because they howl. ps the mushroom was just made out of rock (phew) it was at rainbow vally. the End.

Dear Diary.
Me and the grils (girls) played barbies and Jenna gave me a cool barbie. it was fun. tomorrowe are going in to town itis fun in town. we went for a walk down in the Gorge it was fun for Lunch was bacon and eggs on some breade. Dad was working all day I felt sorry for hi,. there is not much to say today but some some, i have told most of it. The fire is nice and warm, so thats about all.
bye. Jordan.


Helen said...

I too am very glad to hear that the mushroom was made out of rock. You know I've always had serious doubts about what you lot got up to while you were away.......

Anonymous said...

get to the part when you met up with the other fantastic family you travelled with.