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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

There Were Butiful Waterfalls

And so the diary saga continues...

Dear Diary,

Today we played with the Blackmans it was fun for w hile we played with our other frieds and then they left so we played with the Blackmans again we went to mary ann dam and played for a while and all sots for games. The End. Jordan.

Dear Diary,

Today a lot happened. Well to start whith today we did a day trip first, We went for a walk to this place where you could swin and there were butiful water falls and fish in there. Only a short swim so that we could have lunch then we went to this roukc hole to swim agine there were small fish there i lost my goggles there u couldent find them. but when we came back we went for a hotter swim. That all, Jordan.

Dear Diary,

today we are moveing on the trip we kept stoping we are going to this cool place it called Berry Springs theres a water slid there so you can swim and thers paddleboats it going to be fun i miss my frends and tesse a loy there is green trees on the side of the rodd mum said that at Berry Springs there "will be green grass" so that will be cool to run around in i havent seen green grass for so long.


Helen said...

Jordan - what's a hotter swim????

Jordan said...

Don't ask me, ask seven year old Jordan...I'm just as confused as you are...

Anonymous said...

hotter swim??? hotsprings??? I read my "round Oz" diary yesterday... Seems I was quite excited about the green grass at Berry springs also. Roseanne