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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Quick Summing Up

It's been a while since I last wrote, like I've mentioned previously, I have some busy times ahead.
I was actually camping last week out at Bourke with some friends. I had a pretty good time and would love to share photos, but by a very annoying twist of fate all my photos were deleted.
So I'll just remember three things...
  • We climbed Mount Gundabooka on the first day. It was terrible! But only because it was such a hard climb. I felt like I was crawling up a vertical wall.
  • On the last day I had a few good centimetres of mud/clay on the bottom of my shoe because of a night's good rain.
  • I visited Gidgee Lake, my old home. It was so sad. All those memories. But the lake, it was BEAUTIFUL!

That doesn't really sum it all up but I have to go....So, that'll have to do.... :D

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Some Photography...

We have this friend that has this really mad camera that is really awesome...I was allowed to use it the other day. I just wandered around the backyard taking pictures...these are just a few...

Also, I want to enter into this Photography competition that ends this August. I have no ideas whatsoever! The theme is drought or flooding. Ideas would be SO welcome :)

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Things have been busy.

And, that's not actually going to change for a while...
August, PIANO EXAMS, and I'm going camping in Bourke.
September, at the start of the month some of us are going up to the Sunshine Coast and at the end of the month I'm helping out at Cricket Camp.
October is Blackstump and camping at Dunn Swamp.
These things are just like the 'bigger' events of the month. I highly doubt they will be all we actually do.
And then, I will bombard you with photos....mwahaha....

and did I mention PIANO EXAMS are on Thursday week! Argh...