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Friday, 18 December 2009

Hating Alison Ashley

Hating Alison Ashley
Robin Klein

‘Hating Alison Ashley’ is a fantastic book by Robin Klein. It starts with Erica Yurken, a sixth grader who knows she is predestined to be an actress. She feels superior to the rest of her school and dreams to herself all the time about being on stage with the lights, the glittering dress, the fancy shoes; Erica knows it’s hers for the taking.
Then, one day, Alison Ashley shows up.
Alison Ashley is beautiful, smart, rich, well-mannered, and in every single way, perfect. With a bossy older sister, a hermit brother, and a little sister that acts like a horse and takes up most of the shared bedroom, Erica doesn’t need any more trouble. So she decides she has to get back at Alison for showing her up all the time, and school camp seems the perfect place for doing just that.
A hilarious, Australian story that will capture the attention of readers aged nine to sixteen.-
This brilliantly-written book is entertaining from the first sentence to the last and is perfect to curl up with and read from beginning to end.
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I would rate this book five stars out of five.


Kylie said...

Only 5 out of 5?!?! 10 out of 5 for me!!

Jordan said...

You know, since you read this to me when we were travelling Australia, I've never stopped reading it over and over...