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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sharks, stingrays, flesh-eating piranhas, here we come!

Woohoo! Christmas holidays have arrived! I'm so glad. My family and I are spending some of the Christmas holidays at the Sunshine Coast, with beaches!! I feel like I haven't been to the beach in ages...You know, with the sharks and stingrays and flesh-eating piranhas and the gritty sand in your eyes and all those other awful stuff that makes holidays so wonderful!

I've been writing in this blog since February, almost a year...and this is my 115 blog post! Still, lots of them are probably all those book reviews that I publish when I have nothing else to put in my entry, speaking of which, I also get a break from them during the Christmas break.

In other small-time news:

  • I brought a dark-light red Canon camera. Should be perfect for all those beachy photos... (Hope I don't find any more of these (meaning the giant bloated fish and tiny rainbow seahorse from last holidays...)
  • I'm rockin it in Singstar, High School Musical...Beating anyone who verses me! Nothing can stand in my way now...Today, High School Musical Singstar, tommorow the World!

Merry Christmas- see you in 2010!


Helen said...

Love the new look Jordan - very groovy!!

Carrie said...

Canon camera? Did you say Canon camera? I'M WANTING ONE!!!