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Monday, 29 June 2009

Late Holiday Report

I know I haven't been very good in saying what I've been doing lately, but that's because I've only just gotten back from holidays. We were staying in a unit at a place called Hastings Point (Or something like that)

The good thing about it was that it was like a 3 minute walk down to the beach, so I found myself down there often. Another thing I 'found' down there, was not so pleasant.

I have absolutely no idea what kind of fish this is, but whatever it is, it is extremely freaky and not the kind of thing you would want to find in your bed at night.

Apart from finding that on the beach, I also found this...

Holidays were awesome but the height of the holiday in my point of view was Dreamworld, a huge theme park not far from Brisbane. I've only been to one theme park before, and compared to Dreamworld (or should I say Screamworld?) it was very tame.

Our cousins came with us which made it especially fun. We all made a few friends.

And then, of course, there were the rides.
The Claw

The Cyclone
Giant Drop (This was soo creepy. In the picture they showed us after the ride my face was red and scrunched up like a bad tomato. I was just trying to keep my stomach inside me.)

This is the entrance of the Tower of Terror. It's a cart that goes right up the side of the Giant Drop. I actually chickened out and didn't do this one. My 8 year old cousin was braver than me.



Carrie said...

Hmm. interesting fish. Sounds like you had a blast!

Jordan said...

I did. It was so, so awesome.

Carrie said...

oooh,I like your new background! Its really cute! Where did you get it?