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Monday, 1 June 2009


Something happened last night that Mum and Dad thought was highly amusing, but we (My sisters and I) were not amused.
Me and my two older sisters, Emily and...the other one (Who wishes to remain anonymous) were playing sing star.
I admit we had it playing loudly, well, almost blaringly, but we all found it rather annoying when Mum ordered we turn it down. So, we turned it down, very reluctantly.
Mum and Dad went into their room to read and it wasn't long before the sound got back up to it's previous level.
We had just finished a song when we heard that the phone had been ringing. Je-errr, the anonymous sister ran to pick up the phone. This is how the conversation went.

AS (Anonymous Sister) - 'Hello, Anonymous Sister speaking.'
C (Caller) - 'Yeah, g'day love. It's the cops from next door. (This was possible as we do have police living next door) Jus' wondering if you might turn the music down. Kind of loud.'
AS - (Makes frantic gestures to Emily and I about turning the music down) 'Oh, yes. Sorry, sorry. We'll turn it down. Sorry.'
C - 'Thanks mate. Bye.'
AS (Weakly) 'Bye.'

AS was very embarrassed about telling us that the cops had called up about our loud music.
She made us turn the dial right down until the music was very quiet.
We hadn't gotten very far when once again the phone rang. AS looked at us then ran to pick it up.

AS - 'H-h-hello?'
C - 'Hey love, just wanted to say thanks for turning the music down. See, we have kids trying to get to sleep here. So, yeah, thanks mate.'
AS - 'Yes, sorry about that. Bye.'
C - 'Bye, he he.'

It must have been the laugh that triggered AS's attention. Something in it seemed familiar and it immediately made her suspicious.
We looked at her, our eyes wide. She suddenly glared at us and said through clenched teeth, 'Mum!'
We all rushed to Mum and Dad's bedroom where they were both giggling hysterically. All AS would say was, 'I knew it! I knew it!'
Emily kept saying, a bewildered look on her face. 'We're allowed to have loud music up to 10:00 PM on weeknights.'
We were all shamed. And the moral in this story is, 'If parents can possibly get the better of you, they will.'



Katie, Rachel, Emily, Anna, Carrie, and Abby said...

haha! Thats really funny!

Katie said...

That's hilarious Jordan, Emily, and Je-err anonymous sister!

Just be more careful next time...


Anonymous said...

I am not as stupid as Jordan makes me out to be!!!!

Helen said...

Yay Kay and Ken - you gotta get em when you can eh!!!! How truly satisfying!!!Ha ha girls, we parents aren't as old and pathetic as you think. In fact, inside every parent is a delinquent just waiting for the opportunity. Thanks for the second instalment of Sydney - I enjoyed reading about your epic adventure. We are off to Sydney at the end of the month, so we will try not to make the same mistakes you did. Thanks for the tips! Would you please pass on to Kylie that although I really love to read her blog, for some reason I am not able to comment - my computer keeps shutting down when I try to. Obviously I am not meant to encourage her - go Kylie, yay Kylie, you rock Kylie - there. That will have to do. Much love and big wet sloppy kisses to all you Haase types (especially you Kaylene - I missed your birthday, but I did eat a whole packet of chocettes in your honour tee hee!!!)

trav johnson said...

nice ... I'm sure the embarressment "AS" feels isn't reduced in any way in spite of not using her name ... she got got

Tamra said...

LOL =)