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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sydney II

I know it took me a while, but I finally have the Sydney photos from last weekend.

I'm going to start from where I left off.

After our horrible walk all over the shopping centre we all felt as if we could never walk again. Emily had a dentist appointment early so we walked into town, (even though our legs protested horribly) caught a train, and went to the dentist office.

We had a full schedule that day so as soon as Emily was done, we were off.

Firstly we caught a train to a place called Circular Quay.

Of course we spent much time looking at the main tourist attractions there.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The One Legged Duck

The Sydney Harbour Bridge (again)

Three Gorgeous Girls in Front of The Sydney Opera House

One strange thing that we saw was The Tissue Tree. The Tissue Tree was a sort of live commercial for Kleenex. They had a fake tree with fake flowers on it (Very fake if you ask me) and inside the fake flowers was a tissue. You were invited to take a tissue and feel how soft it was. Very interesting thing to look at.

Captain Arthur Philip and I

After we had finished our sightseeing we went to The Rocks. At The Rocks is a huge market place (it's under the Sydney Harbour Bridge) that is held every Saturday and Sunday. They seemed to have everything there! It was all very expensive though. The only thing I bought was a stick of licorice.

Boring old licorice.

It didn't have to be boring though. They gave me a lot of choice.

Sour lemon and lime licorice.

Traditional English licorice.

Spicy apricot licorice.

Yep, I'll stick with the old boring kind.

There was one stall in that market that caught my attention. This guy made masks in his free time. Very realistic looking masks.

Shows the true side of Emily doesn't it?

After The Rocks we wanted to find a place to eat lunch. We were sidetracked twice, firstly because of The Puppet Store, secondly because of The Discovery Museum.

After that we sat down for lunch right in front of the Circular Quay harbour.

I entertained myself by giving bits of bread to the many seagulls there. They flocked to me! In size and numbers! They loved me!

The also loved my bread.

Then, two children, no more than five ran up. Screaming, laughing, shouting. Waving their grubby little mitts in the air.

Scaring away my seagulls!!!


Well, when children finally noticed that there was no more seagulls to chase away, they ran away. Glad, I started throwing bread again. The flocked to me once more.

And were once again chased away. I gave up. I went to watched a sort of street show that was being held.

Apparently Bend E Em was very flexible and could fit into a square box, not much bigger than an average computer screen. I wanted to see how this was possible, but I was hurried away. We were going to catch a ferry to Manly and we didn't want to miss it.

We missed it.

So we sauntered over to the Opera House, took a look at it, and went back to catch the next ferry.

I wanted to go out front but mum was convinced that we would get wet.

Ha ha. Silly old mum. We were old enough not to get wet. Couldn't she see that? Finally we were allowed to go, dad promising he wouldn't let us get wet.

So we went out to the front deck, the wind blowing in our face. How could mum possibly think we could get wet? There was no way.

Then up we went over a big wave, down we came, water sprayed up, wind blew water, water wet us.

I hid behind Emily.

Emily was soaked. Me, being only half in view, got half drenched. Having a cold and no spare clothes didn't help.

Mum gave us the eyebrow and an I told you so look.

There were many interesting things to see in Manly. We didn't really have time to see them all but two things there did catch my eye.

  1. A man walking easily down the street, with a large black and white cat sitting on his shoulder.

  2. A small boy doing huge leapfrog jumps over street pillars.

After Manly we went back to our caravan park. I sat outside on the deck because it was nice and quiet and I didn't have to walk anywhere.

There, up in a tree sat a kookaburra. I don't see these very often so I sat and watched it. It wasn't very interesting to watch. . I decided to take a few photos of it. When I had finished I turned around to put the camera on the table. What was sitting on the rail but a large kookaburra. I turned around and saw the other kookaburra still on the tree branch.

Two kookaburra's in one night! That's a bonus.

I heard a sound behind me. I turned around a again and there sat another kookuburra on another branch.


But cool! Three kookaburras! Jackpot!

I turned around again and on a rail, even closer to me, sat another kookaburra. It clicked it's beak and hopped forward. I turned to the tree again and noticed a further two more kookaburras.

Then (Oh no! Not another sound) yet another sound behind me. A turned around, foreseeing in my mind a bunch of evil kookaburras coming towards me, clicking their beaks evilly.

Nope, this time it was a lorrikeet. Perfectly logical of course.

I got some bread and tried to feed the lorikeet. It bit me on the thumb. I tried again and it worked! I had it eating out of my hand. Then, one of the rail kookaburras hopped forward clicking it's beak. It tried to snatch the bread out of my hand, making me jump, and drop the bread.

I went inside after that. I lorikeet can bite pretty hard, but I'm sure a kookaburra can bite harder.

We watched a movie that night at the caravan park. Nobody suggested going to the mall again. Instead, after the movie was done we drove to an Italian restaurant for pizza.

Thank goodness we didn't have to walk.



Kylie said...

Great Blog Jordie! Sounds like a very interesting time and I really liked reading all you got up to! Very good and funny. Especially the getting wet part.
Love you xx

Kathrzn Bahn said...

those kookaburras!