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Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Now I know I said I would tell you the rest of the Sydney story in my next blog but I'm still waiting for the photos so for now, for your enjoyment, I will do another science narration.
Can anybody tell me what this is?

Yes? You in the cheap, striped, mauve tie? Why no, it is not the remains of someones bringing up of pumpkin and cauliflower salad . It is, in fact, lichen.

Nope, not the skin disease. This is the other type of lichen. The plant kind. Now, I don't find anything hugely interesting about this plant. But one thing I do find interesting about it is that it can survive in anyplace. It grows in hot places, (as in deserts) cold places, (as in Antarctica) and just about everywhere else. It is also used for blue hairdye.

One kind of Lichen was thought to be the 'manna' that the Israelites ate in desert. Now I'm not suggesting that you should go off and eat this mossy, pretty, plant but if you are hungry and in a desert and ravens are bringing you mossy plants, you may think about eating them.

That's all I have today all folks......


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