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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Jeanne Darc of Doremy

Joan of Ark and Her Marching Orders

Written By Phil Robins and Illustrated by Philip Reeve

Jean D’arc was born in Doremy, France. She grew up in a village where she was kept busy milking cows, playing with her friends, and sewing with her mother. Little did she know that in a few years she would be fighting battles, sitting in prison, being questioned non stop by her enemies, and being responsible for the crowning of a king. Known as Joan of Arc or ‘The Maid’ she soon becomes a hero, winning wars for France and encouraging the wimpy dauphin to get crowned.
I truly enjoyed this fabulous book about Joan of Arc that tells many interesting facts about her life, from her childhood to her horrible end. It also includes funny pictures, easy-to-read history, as well as how Joan of Arc, a teenage girl, gave an entire army it’s marching orders. This book will be enjoyed by ages 9 to 15.



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