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Monday, 25 May 2009

Sydney I

This weekend my family and I went to Sydney. It was a crazy trip. Starting at 4:00 AM and ending at about 12:00. We had to leave early to pick up my older sister from the airport. It seemed very long and after a few hours my sister and I were naming drinkbottle brands for something to do. (Literally)
We also had some fun with the camera in the midst of our boredom....

I can't show all the awesome photos I got in this blog because my dad took the camera with him when he went away, but I can show a few of my sister's photos.
(It was cold and rainy the whole way to Sydney. This picture is a car-view of us about to drive over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. )

When we got to Sydney we went first to the art musuem. Lots and lots of old stuff there. I couldn't take any pictures though because that was a big NO-NO there. There was a lot of cool pictures there though. Some of them were HUGE.

One thing that there was plenty of in Sydney was statues. Statues, statues, statues. So many statues. Everywhere of everybody. Anyone who ever did anything for Australia was cut out in stone or marble and placed in Sydney.

Of course we saw plenty of The Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Sydney Opera House, icons of Australia.

One thing that I will not forget about that day was our little We went to Macquarie Shopping Centre for dinner and a movie. The movie ended about 9:30. By then, some parts of the shopping centre were closed off.

One thing I forgot to mention about this mall was that it was enormous. With many levels, and many carparks it would have made a fantastic maze. Unfortunatly, right then we weren't looking for a maze. We were looking for our car, and we seemed quite unable to find it. We searched everywhere! Up and down car ramps, through fire escapes, up and down stairs, going up levels, going down levels. We finally decided to ask for directions. The first guy we asked looked like a janitor so we went up to him and asked him if he might give us some directions?


I don't even think he spoke English. He seemed totally vague and bewildered. He gestured and pointed but in the end it came down to nothing. We were back on the search. We must have asked at least seven people for directions that night. Some tried to help, others were in the same boat as us. We finally asked two men who were riding on a golf cart sort of thing. They gave us their suggestions, just like all the others had. They started to drive off but we stopped them and asked if they would lead us to the place they had suggested. I think we were all getting frustrated and we weren't going to let them drive off until they took us to our car. They did. Eighth time lucky I guess.

By the time we got back to the motel it was about 11:30. We had taken an hour and a half to find the car. We were all pretty tired and I don't think any of us were ready for the things that awaited us tommorow....But that's another story. Tune in next time for Sydney II. This is Jordan, over and out.



Carrie said...

wow, Jordan.

Helen said...

Oh. my. goodness. Ha ha ha ha ha. Thankyou Haases for a truly gut wrenching laugh session. I can just see you all walking around that big foreign city and then holding those poor men hostage until they took you to your car dammit!!! I cannot wait for a further instalment!

Jordan said...

You aren't the only one who was laughing. I swear we could hear people in the shopping centre laughing at us as we walked up ramps and fire escapes. We almost made the news headlines!