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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Snazzy Snails

Since yesterdays blog was ever so interesting ( :) ), I thought why not do it again?
Today's science was on snails. The slimy, snazzy, snail.
I did go out to the garden to search for a snail so that I could get a picture of it, but I was unable to find one. So instead I went to the ever-so-helpful internet for an answer.

Here are a few snail-y facts.

  1. Snails have 20,000 teeth
  2. The heaviest snail ever weighed two pounds
  3. A snail can walk over a razor blade and not get hurt
  4. Some snails have been known to live up to 15 years
  5. Snails cannot hear- (Meaning if you shout and scream and hurl insults at a snail (as you do) it will not hear you)
  6. Snails hibernate during the winter and live on their own fat
  7. The garden snail is cooked and eaten as a delicacy called escargot.
  8. May 24th is National Escargot Day- (Run away snails! It's coming soon!)
  9. Snails can crawl upside down if they wish

Once again I tried a quiz, on the snail this time, and once again I failed. (4 out of 12 questions is pretty good)

This is the link to the quiz if any of you are brave enough to step up.

Oh snail, oh snail,

You are so bright and gay,

I just hope that you make it past,

the 24th of May. :)



Anonymous said...

Well Done Jordan! I really like your Science narrations. I hope you're enjoying your Science book, "The Wonderland of Nature" this year. I love you, keep up the good work,
Mum x

Helen said...

Love, love, love the poem!!!! Think I shall be a snail this winter - hibernate and live off my own fat. Hmmmmmm