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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Book Review

Book Review
Too Many Sisters
John O’ Brien

Dion has never really got on too well with girls. He’s an only child, so he doesn’t see them much anyway, but then, his mother has to go to hospital, and while she is there Dion finds himself going to stay with his Uncle Doug, Aunt Mary, and his six cousins. All of them girls.
He hates it there from the beginning. As if being the only boy in the household isn’t bad enough, he gets on badly with his cousin Laura, and also has trouble at his new school.
John O’ Brien, the author of ‘Too Many Sisters’ writes from much experience, after growing up with five sisters of his own as well as two brothers.
A funny and enjoyable read for children aged 8-12.

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Carrie said...

thats funny. :D