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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Drought

When bored, I write poetry. So, here is something I wrote when bored.

The Drought

The skies were cloudless,
The dams were dry,
All gardens were gone,
In the heat of July.

The ground was cracked,
The grass was brittle,
Our swimming pool was empty,
And the flowers were little.

It has been so for years,
In this horrible drought,
It’s always so hot,
We almost never go out.

‘When will we get rain?’
Is the question round here,
‘It’s been ever so long,
So many a year.’

Then one day in August,
It felt kind of cool,
This is very strange,
I thought as I did school.

And when I went out,
The skies looked so dark,
And after ages and ages,
I heard the teacher remark.

‘Oh goodness! Children!
Go on and have a look,
There are clouds in the sky!’
And in surprise she dropped her book.

We all looked in wonder,
I could hear the teacher pray,
What was going to happen?
Would we get rain today?

All the children looked up,
We all did watch the sky,
Then suddenly out of nowhere,
I felt something drop in my eye.

‘I felt something I felt something!’
I cried with joy you couldn’t stop,
And everybody held their breath,
Then I felt another drop.

‘I felt one! I felt one!’
Cried one little boy,
‘I haven’t felt this happy,
Since I left Illinois!’

1 comment:

Kathrzn Bahn said...

Only you would think to rhyme boy and Illinois Jordan... very impressive. Those little flowers - oh you kill me girl!