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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Update on the Weekend

Last night we arrived back in Dubbo after our short weekend trip up to Brisbane and back.

54 hours away.

14-15 hours of them were sleep.

24 of those hours were travelling.

- and the rest of those included eating, sleeping, talking, and everything else that took up our time.

It's not the sleep bit, that I can handle. It's the 24 hours of travelling.

My backside is incredibly sore and the rest of me is stiff which explains why I'm hunched over the keyboard typing like a mad scientist.

My schedule went something like:



Listen to music.


Listen to music.

Watch a movie on the kindest sister's laptop.


Stop, eat something.

Get back in the car.




The wedding that we went up for was nice.

Dressed up.

Model shot (Yes, we do these a lot ;D)
All of us. (Note: That is the dress that I got at the op-shop for $4.50....pretty cool....)
It was a good weekend though, how ever busy it was....I'm just glad that it's over...
Tessie was staying with friends over the weekend and got VERY spoilt. She didn't want to come home.
I think she liked their doggie door....
Well, that's really all....It's a pretty boring post, nothing funny, but I thought I'd give you the heads up on what we did.


Hanwen said...

pretty :) nice dress jordy!

Carrie said...

I love the dress, Jordan! I love all of ya'lls dresses! They're cute!

Koala said...

Bunch of good looking girls!
We won't be doing that again too soon hey Jordy.