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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Clarice Bean

Book Review
Clarice Bean: Utterly Me
By Lauren Child

This is me, Clarice Bean. I am not an only child, but sometimes I wish I was.
Clarice Bean’s life is as up and down as a rollercoaster. There are ‘up’ times, when she can simply sit and read about Ruby Redfort, girl detective, and there are ‘down’ times, like when Betty goes missing, or when her brother, Minal Cricket won’t leave her alone.
But life is meant for living, and Clarice Bean certainly lives it.
Lauren Child outdoes herself again with ‘Clarice Bean’, a fantastic and humorous story for children ages 9 to 13.
Lauren Child’s other Clarice Bean books include:
* Clarice Bean: Spells Trouble
* Clarice Bean: That’s me
* Clarice Bean: Don’t Look Now
* What Planet are you From Clarice Bean?
* My Uncle is a Hunkle says Clarice Bean
Lauren Child is also famous for her ‘Charlie and Lola’ books as well as many others.

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