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Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Exiles at Home

Book Review
The Exiles at Home
By Hilary McKay

‘There’s a secret in the Conroy household-but it’s not likely to stay a secret for long!’
Ruth Conroy and her sisters are just beginning the school term. Is it just luck that Ruth has to go to the library on her first day at school and that she finds a form that when signed means she agrees to sponsor a child in Africa for ten pounds a month?
She decides to keep it a secret but after using her birthday money for the first payment she finds that raising ten pounds a month will not be as easy as it looks.
So she lets her sister Naomi in on the deal, and after a while, her other two sisters, Phoebe and Rachel.
When her grandmother and mother both begin to get suspicious at their urgent requirements for money, Ruth gets more desperate than ever to stop the secret from getting out.

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