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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Angela, Private Citizen

Book Review
‘Angela, Private Citizen’
Nancy K. Robinson

Angela Steele is excited that Income Tax Day has finally arrived, and this year, she’s determined that she will pay her taxes as well.
She sends her Income Tax form, along with her life savings, to the President of the United States absolutely sure that it will help with the national debt.
Meanwhile, her sister Tina wants to go to Camp Sunset with Melissa, but is worried about the cost. Apart from that, she is trying to get Doug to notice her, arranging her career as a city planner, and trying to help Nathaniel win the science fair.
With these happenings at the Steele’s, life cannot be boring, although it can be strange, and definitely humorous.
A fantastic story for ages eight to twelve.
Some other books in this series are, ‘Mum, you’re fired!’, ‘O Honestly, Angela!’, and ‘Angela and the Broken Heart.’ ♥

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