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Saturday, 18 July 2009

What Do They Do When You're Not Looking?

The title of this blog is in capital letters because I consider it an important question. This question can apply to many things, toddlers, friends, and mostly, animals.

Tesse is our fluffy maltese + shih-tzu puppy. This dog definitely needs to be kept an eye on. There were many times when we would walk in from going out for dinner and find her lying happily on our couch.
So tell me, what were we to think when we walk in on her and find her cuddling her soft toy?

If she does this when we're home, what does she do when we're not home?



Carrie said...

haha thats funny. Put a vidio camera in the house somewhere. Turn it on when you leave, and turn it off and watch it when you get home!

Helen said...

I believe it smells a lot like world domination! Cute and cuddly on the outside....