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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Green Bean

I wrote this for English this morning, it's pretty silly, but here it is, all the same.

He sat on a plate, round and green,
He trembled hard, this little bean,
The ground, it shook as a dark shape,
Moved forward menacingly like a large ape.
The giant sat down with a thump,
His face smirked, portly and plump.

His picked up the large metal fork,
And sliced open the piece of pork.
The bean, it trembled with great fright,
As the giant took a bite,
The pork let out his last shrill scream,
And the giant’s eyes did laugh and gleam.

His beady eyes looked greedily for more,
His grabbed a cucumber and it, he tore,
In half and swallowed whole then grinned,
As he let out a puff of wind.
Then his eyes settled down, on the small bean,
Shivering with fright and looking so green.

His fork moved towards it, and pierced into its side,
The bean it screamed, it cried and cried,
The giant stared at it in disbelief,
The bean was screaming with horror and grief,
The giant stared in absolute dismay,
Then stood up and ran away.



Kathrzn Bahn said...

very disturbing Jordy :)

Kylie said...

Das ist wonderbar! Ich liebe das Gedicht und Ich liebe dich! x

Carrie said...

Hey Jordan,
I like the book(s) that you have on the favorite books list: The Witch of Blackbird Pond and The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. Those books are really good. I haven't read any other of the other its like ones you have on your list, though. Which Pride and Pedjudice do you like, the old one or the new one? I like the old one best, but the new one is okay. I'm not really crazy about the ending scene on the new Pride and Predjudice.
Anyway, I'm so sorry I haven't been emailing. I've been so busy; Rachel, Emily and Anna went to music camp for two weeks, so I've been helping Mom a ton! Then we started school back. I think I will email you! Sorry this comment is so long.....