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Saturday, 1 August 2009

While the Cats are Away...

While Mum and Dad are happily gallivanting around in Switzerland, what are we, their sweet girls doing?
  • Playing the piano. Madly. Exams on Wednesday so practice, practice, practice!!
  • Eating pizza. This is what our schedule revolves around tonight. Pizza, soft drink, and a rental movie.
  • Schoolwork. Yes, while our parents are in Venice and Rome, at the Louvre and Eiffel Tower, we are slaving in the hot/cold weather, working, working, working!
  • Bathing the dog. This happened to fall to my lot. Not always a pleasant experience. She looks like a drowned rat after coming out of the water. Then I have to dry her with a hairdryer. Unbelievable. Even I don't have my hair dried with a hairdryer!
  • Singstar. Listening to my siblings honk loudly into the microphones. They are probably the cause of the one of the microphones now being broken.

So much for Bungee Jumping, Party of the Year, ect.


1 comment:

Helen said...

Don't give up on the bungee jumping just yet - you can still do it after your piano exams!!!!!