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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Key to Rondo

Book Review
The Key to Rondo
Emily Rodda

The music slowed, and stopped. Leo wound the box again. One, two, three. As the music began, he heard his mother moving around in the spare room next door, and sighed. He wanted to forget that Mimi Langlander, his least favourite second cousin, was coming to stay.
Leo Zifkak is known for being responsible. His cousin, Mimi, is known for being bratty and irresponsible.
So when they’re both pulled into the magical world of Rondo inside a music box, Leo knows who is to blame. Mimi refuses to leave until she finds her lost dog, Mutt, and Leo refuses to leave without Mimi.
With them both wandering around Rondo they’re sure to run into adventure.
Readers of ages 10-14 will enjoy this exciting adventure by the best-selling author Deltora Quest.
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