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Monday, 17 August 2009

George III

I've been reading in a book lately about King George III. He's famous for his 'periods of insanity'.
I thought these facts about him were pretty weird.

  • Ended every sentence he spoke with the word 'peacock.' (Tried to open in parliment with 'My Lord's and peacocks.')
  • Believed that London was flooded and ordered a yacht.
  • Wore a pillowcase around his head.
  • 'Adopted' the new-born Prince Octavius. Nothing weird about this, except Prince Octavius was a pillow.
  • Told the queen that she had been mad for 30 years.
  • Believed that he himself was dead and wore black as a sign of mourning for 'that good man, George III.'



Helen said...

Aaah! It all makes sense now. I have been wondering why Nev has been calling ME mad for the past 16 years or so! He is rather attached to his pillow....I'll keep and eye out for the pillow case wearing episodes!! Thanks for the warning Jordan - I'll be able to get HIM some good help now!

Awesome Emily said...

Everyone always says talking to yourself or to animals is the first sign of madness....I guess these are the last signs. Jordan if you ever start calling me crazy or adopting your pillow and calling him Bill. im putting u in a straitjacket!!!!

Carrie said...

Gosh, Jordy, he was STRANGE.