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Monday, 1 February 2010

Update, 2 February 2010

I've been meaning write a new blog, as it's been a leetle bit too long since I had. Even now though, there's not a whole lot to tell. School started on Monday and this year we're doing World History. Ancient Egyptians, the Roman empire, Greek mythology....the whole kit and caboodle (Oh my gosh, please tell me I did not just use that incredibly old saying!).

Anyhow, sometimes Mum tries to trip us up when she's reading to make sure we're paying attention. Today we were reading World History 1, about Nomads. There was a short fiction story in it about a girl called Taruk. Apparently Taruk and her family were in a group of Nomads. They moved around until they got to the Fertile Crescent (Near Egypt and Babylon) and Taruk saw a river. She had never swam in a river before. So she stepped into the river "and was immediately eaten by crocodiles and died."

I started giggling (Mum: "Jordan! You're laughing at poor Taruk?")

Oh no, Mother. Try as you might, you will never trip us up. I say 'us'...Emily thought it was real though... (What does that tell you?)

* * *

Hmm this blog has been a little bit too.......schoolworky....I should leave that up to Mum as she now has a blog...., or there is a link on my sidebar...

And here is another entry from my diary of going around Australia 2004-2005.

Dear Diary

today we are at a place called Marys Pool its a nice place there heaps of rocks to clime on itso fun. But theres heaps of prikles bushs. i got a new drink bottle its cooler is Blue. We saw a Little dog its Like ours tesse but looked more like a poodle it was cute

Asher just came in the but he is gone now i don't know why i wright things lik that there very small fish here the other day we saw a stingray in fact we saw saw two it was cool (My gosh! How could I say that...the're not cool, they're so freakishly FREAKISH!) . i now to draw new pepole at the bottem of the page ill show you. by Jordan

Hmmmm. I actually like some of my vocab there. Pepole...hehe cool! At the 'bottem' of the page there is a rather crude drawing of a man with spiky hair, a large nose, and a whole lot of nose hair. He has four fingers. He's standing next to a circle with several shapes on it that could be land. It has three words under it. They say, this is erth.

Was it an improvement from my previous drawings? Who knows? *Sigh* Sometimes I feel like I'll never understand myself...

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Helen said...

kit and caboodle Jordan, not kitten caboodle. hahahahahahah