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Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Right now in Science I'm doing Primates. Interesting? I wasn't overly excited at first, nor am I now, but I'm loving all the different kinds. Ugly and....ugly....

Proboscis Monkey

How ever computer generated and scary this looks, it is real. It's called an Aye Aye. No wonder the nativies of Madagascar hate it. They believe that it if points one those long, bony fingers at them, they are cursed. Aye Aye's are not at all shy, and like to go up and sniff people's feet. I can see why they freak people out.

The older Orangatun's get, the bigger their 'cheek flaps' get.



Kay said...

The older I get, the bigger my cheek flaps get too!

Helen said...

I'd say the same, except I would be referring to another part of my anatomy. One that Harri takes great joy in calling "Glooey Maxis". Sigh.

Carrie said...

Eww, those are ugly and creepy. Wouldn't want one of them for a pet.