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Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Like I said on my last post, Tom is staying with us while doing Tafe, and with him is his black-and-white rascal, Barney.

Take Tessie:
Fluffy, white, cute....but very unsociable....with other dogs.
Take Barney:
Black, white, cute, jumpy, and very playful.

Their personalities tend to clash a little. Tessie has forever thought that she is better than other dogs...that they are the 'lower caste.' Barney just wants to play...Tessie....doesn't....

Tessie ignores as much as of Barney as she can, but one can only take too much....

Then you get angry at Barney for playing too rough with Tessie and he turns and looks at you like this....

What to do....?