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Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Today we made a day trip of going to the Wellington Caves. It's only a 40 minute trip down to Wellington, but it was a little longer that with Jenna driving. Somehow I cannot feel very comfortable with her driving. I think the police felt the same way when they followed us suspiciously for about 5 minutes.
We had some time before going to the caves so we happily munched chip sandwiches while waiting. That's when we met Frankfurt. I actually dubbed him Franklin but Emily and Jenna refused to call him that and renamed him.
There was also a very, large bird avery to look at while we were waiting. The white cockatoos inside seemed enormous. We called one George and one Alfred. George seemed to have the nicest personality out of the two. Chirping joyfully, saying 'hello cocky!', 'bye bye!' and even giving Jenna a happy hi-five.
George's hi-five
Alfred seemed to have a meaner spirit. He took some of the bread I was offering to George, and called out 'cracker!' when he saw me.
The caves were really nice inside. They were filled with stalactites and stalagmites and it was good to have a wander around.
Inside the caves
The only 'down' of the caves was the bat poop on the ceiling. I did feel a few wet sploches on my arm while in there. For now I can only hope it was an in-cave plumbing problem...


Helen said...

Yep - definitely Jordan. Plumbing problem mmmmm. Beautiful caves! Love the photos of the birds and the fat, fluffy sausage dog. No wonder they called him Frankfurt! By the way, I need to ask Emily to forgive me! When I emailed your Mum, I asked about everybody, and promptly forgot all about Emily. I woke up in the middle of the night (sweating slightly) and feeling that I had forgotten someone - duh - I'm so sorry Emily!!!!
PS - I nearly put this background on my blog - loved the name!!

Carrie said...

I like this blog background, Jordan!

Anonymous said...

Gee, thanks Mrs. Oxlade. Nice to know you care. Don't worry i am fine, still breathing.
Emily Haase