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Friday, 27 November 2009


It's been so stinking hot here lately, I'm surprised I don't jump in the pool with my clothes on or run through the sprinklers (I only hold back on account of my straightened hair).
I decided (rather stupidly) to go for a walk. Not the smartest thing to do when it's 33.3 C outside. (And that isn't that bad considering the low 40's we've been having)
Anyway, I was sweating and frying myself to a crisp out there when I see Dad and Emily driving back from their visit to the shops. They slowed down and started driving at a snail's pace to keep up with me. So I started running, almost as fast as my energy tank would allow. And I beat them home. Now I am sweating, worse than before. Quite Frazzled.
Sigh, it's all I can do to stop myself jumping into the pool fully clothed.

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