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Friday, 20 November 2009

Monday - Friday

Monday- Babysat two gorgeous girls and taught them how to use floaties. Sweated. Swam. Did school.

Tuesday- Nutrition class. Learnt to make savoury cheese muffins. Sweated. Swam. Did school.

Wenedsday- Made demented-looking chocolate chip cookies. Tasted all right though. Sweated. Swam. Did school.

Thursday- Went to Maccas to celebrate Kat's finishing of exams (Woohoo!) It was sooo good. Sweated. Swam. Did school.

Friday- Danced while listening to Single Ladies and was unable to sleep that night owing to it playing and replaying around and around in head. Sweated. Swam. Did School.


Carrie said...

Gosh, Jordie, you have sweat all week! I can't belive that because it turning cold here!

Jordan said...

Yeah, well, it's absolutely boiling here...sooo glad we have a swimming pool right now...