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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Beast Quest

Book Review
Beast Quest
Adam Blade

A mysterious sorcerer has enchanted the magical beasts that protect the land of Avantia. They are now destroying the land and the king is desperate for a hero who can stop them.
Tom only lives on a farm, but with his horse, Storm, his partner, Elenna, and her wolf, Silver, he may just be able to defeat the dark wizard, Malvel and free the beasts of Avantia from the evil curse that has haunted them for so long.
An exciting story to be enjoyed by children aged 8-11.
The Beast Quest series includes:

  • Ferno the Fire Dragon
  • Sepron the Sea Serpent
  • Arcta the Mountain Giant
  • Nanook the Snow Monster
  • Epos the Flame Bird



Helen said...

Hey Jordan - I'm afraid I'm going to be rather rude and use your comment section to get in touch with your darling Mumsy. She very thoughtfully has taken the time to visit my humble little blog, but I cannot get to hers (does she even have one or is she just one of those lurking types??!!). Anyway, I wanted to ask her a million questions about homeschooling, curriculums etc - I mean, look at all her beautiful children and how well they are all doing (even that Kylie girl - sigh)so I figure she must have some vague idea about the whole homeschooling thingy. Anyway, could she let me know how to get in contact with her?? Or maybe she's just avoiding me? My email is - maybe she could get in touch with me and I can get in touch with her people, who can let her know how desperate I am to talk with her, and if she deems it worth her while, her people could contact me and arrange a little meeting?? Or she could just send a "no thank you, not interested" type of email??? Anyway, I'll leave it with to all. By the way, I think this is probably my favourite background that you've tried recently. I'm not happy with mine, but I can't find a better one at the moment.

Jordan said...

It just so happens that 'Mumsy' is one of those lurking types. I'll tell her to e-mail you though...I'm postively, absolutely sure she will not fail you...
Oh, and if you want you can use my background if you want, I'm going to change :)