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Monday, 30 March 2009


Here are some photos of my b-e-a-utiful dog.

When me and my family travelled Australia we had to leave Tessie behind. She was really spoilt where she was staying and we got her back with a coat, hot waterbottle, toys, and a lambswool coat. (I don't even have a lambswool coat!)

Now this photo confuses me is she smiling? Sneering?Looking very innocent? comment.

Yesterday I went to the shops with my mum. I had a few things to get which included a pencil, one lemon, and one mini chocolate egg.

They must have thought me a bit...weird. But I have my reasons. My photos aren't downloading properly so this will have to be..

The End



Rachel said...

I think Tesse is a cute dog! ;D


Jordan said...

I think so too...
Have you guys got Susie still?

Katie, Rachel, Emily, Anna, Carrie, and Abby said...

Go to the mat!

LOL Poor thing, Kylie always disliked her.