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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Terrible Tudors

I'm beginning to really enjoy writing book reviews for the newspaper, the trouble is deciding what to do each week.

This week I wanted to do something about Tudors because I love learning about Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots and all those people.

Anyway, what better book to review about Tudors than a book called 'The Terrible Tudors?'

The Terrible Tudors
From the ‘Horrible History’ series
By Terry Deary

History books can often be full of boring facts and dates, but here’s a history book that will leave you wanting to know more and more about history.
‘The Terrible Tudors’ is all about life in the Tudor times, and about the Tudors themselves, like Henry VIII who didn't care how many wives he had to go through to get a son, or Queen Elizabeth I who was thought strange because she had four baths a year.
This book is filled with interesting, funny facts, gruesome stories, as well as many curious quizzes to look at and test your family with.
A wonderful book for those who love history and especially for those who don’t.
History has never been so horrible.
Here are four of Terry Deary’s many Horrible History Books.

*The Rotten Romans
*The Vicious Vikings
*The Vile Victorians
*The Blitzed Brits


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