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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Surviving Sydney Cove

This was a book I really enjoyed reading. Surviving Sydney Cove. It's very good.

Surviving Sydney Cove
The Diary of Elizabeth Harvey
By Goldie Alexander

Last year, I studied Australian history for school and I read an interesting book that I really enjoyed about convict life in Sydney, 1790.
Elizabeth Harvey worked as a servant for most of her life in England. Then, one day she is accused unfairly of stealing something and is shipped to Sydney Cove as a convict. She finds life hard there, and the only comfort she gets is writing in her diary and remembering the past.
This book is about a courageous convict girl who braved Sydney Cove with all its dangers in 1790.
This historical fiction story tells about what life really was like to live as a convict and also about Australia’s fascinating history.
A book to be enjoyed by ages 10 and up.

Tommorow we are going on a 2 hour trip starting at 7:30 AM meaning I have to take my books in the car so I don't get behind in school. Yay! School on wheels! (I wish it would wheel itself away sometimes)
Anyway, must go,
Jordan :)


Kylie said...

hehe. you're funny. good column. love you

Jordan said...

I wasn't trying to be's TRUE!!