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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Beware the Redback!!

I enjoyed a nice, idle day today.

Church was at 9:30, although we were almost late because somebody found a redback spider in their shoe, which soon jumped into their bed causing a search of all the bedclothes, and later a search and vacuum of their room.

I hate redbacks, and to find one in my....ummm...someones room was pretty annoying. Especially since these ones are really actually quite big. They're twice the size of your average redback and we've found quite a few in this house.

So BEWARE the redbacks.

I'm missing big sister #1 who is in Switzerland atm, although I got to talk to her on Skype which was nice.

I was also very clueless this afternoon when watching a movie that is quite confusing. But, HURRAY! I finally got it. That was pretty much my Sunday afternoon. Although I learnt to not like maths for another reason. My maths gave me a papercut.

Anyway, had a veerrrry enjoyable Sunday (Apart from that papercut- it still hurts)

Anyway, must go,


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