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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Camp, 2010

So, here are some photos from Easter Camp 2010.

This was before the camp's 'mud fight' on Saturday afternoon.
Note please how white my board shorts were and how very clean we look. My friend Cherry and I were walking up to where we ate, went to the bathroom, and played sports.

People were still relatively clean at this point.

Me and Hannah.

And so it began.

Mud football.

Tug O' War in the mud. We had two of these. We won once, and lost once.

Cleaning out our ears and eyes of mud.

More Tug O' War.

Group shot.

Another group shot. Can you pick me out?

Who could this disgusting-looking creature be?

Washing off in the freezing cold river. It worked surprisingly well.

So yeah, it was pretty good. I really liked the mud fights, the singing, the talks, the games, the food, ect.
Last night after I finished writing the previous blog entry, I went into the shower and picked out numerous pieces of grass and hay out of my hair, removed mud and dust from everywhere, and tried to pick splinters out of my feet.
This morning I unpacked my bag.
It really...really did not smell very good.
I guess you don't notice it so much when everyone smells that way.
I don't have anything much planned for this week of the Easter Holidays. Next week Emily and I are going to Bourke again. And's back to the daily grind...not coffee.


δΊŽειŸ‹ζˆ said...
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Koala said...

I wonder if the mud is good for the skin?
Looks like a lot of fun. :-)