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Saturday, 10 April 2010

1st Week of Holidays


Hm mm, let's see...what did I do on Monday. I think Monday was the day that I recovered completely from Easter Camp, wrote a blog about it, read some Lord of the Rings , and merely used my holiday as it were meant to be.


Tuesday was the day that I was allowed to watch the movie, Lord of the Rings , as Mum and Dad made a deal with me that was when you read the book you can watch the movie. So I watched part of it on Tuesday. The rest I finished on Wednesday and cried my little heart out because it was so beautiful and sad and I couldn't stand it. At the end of it all though, I felt like a wuss because I hardly ever cry in movies except Bridge to Terabithia, Star Wars 3, Robin Hood Series...So yeah...felt REALLY ridiculous ...


Finished the movie and avidly started reading book 2, The Two Towers. Finished half of it by that night. That, I think, is very impressive.


Finished book 2 and watched the movie. So very, very good. Angela came over and she, Emily, and I teased our hair. That includes brushing all of our hair backwards and spraying it hard with hairspray. I slept in it that night and it was NOT, I repeat NOT, a pretty sight the next morning. I washed it and then it was rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat with the Conditioner.
I also went for a bike ride that evening. My bike's chain came off say...well...a fair way away from home. So I walked it home. Very annoying that. I'm sure I looked ridiculous.


We went on a Op Shopping Spree which can be the coolest, yet weirdest, spree there is. After all, it is pretty fun to look at automatic cheese graters. Mum bought for me the third book of Lord of the Rings, the Return of the King , for me as well as a black skivvy which I plan to wear to Church today.
Even though I hadn't finished the third book I was absolutely DYING to watch the third movie. So I pleaded, no begged, my mother to let me watch it saying that I would finish the book before I left for Bourke on Tuesday and if I didn't I gave her license and complete permission to ban me from the computer for the rest of my life.
Unable to resist the chance of banning me off the computer for the rest of my life, no complaints included, she agreed.
It was very good. I cried again, especially when Frodo's finger was bitten off.


Finished the book, much to my mother's disappointment, and watched Hannah Montana on TV. Saturday is cleaning day so I rushed through my jobs and claimed, like an Olympian claiming a gold cup, my prize. A chocolate drumstick.

So, that was the first week of holidays. I absolutely love Lord of the Rings, and, between you and me, Frodo has the most awesome eyes. I really, really like them.

I have been asking Mum for two little goldfish but until I get them, those little cute fiction fish on the sidebar will do. Feel Free to Feed. Also I've changed the name of my blog, for no particular reason other than I felt like it. But the web address is still the same.

Next week, Bourke.


Carrie said...

Sometimes I want to cry while watching a sad part in a movie, but I don't because then I feel silly, like you. heh.

Hanwen said...

so you've now read it all?? you're amazing!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely holiday you seem to be having. Op shops are fun aren't they.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

It's great!!..........................................