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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tuesday, the 5th

Yesterday was my Friday the 13, My Ides of March, my (according to Garfield) Monday.

It started while washing up. I washed up happily, no thought of complaint, and then accidental spilled about half a cupful of hot water on my shirt. With a slightly less happy look I wiped my shirt with a tea towel and continued washing. A few minutes later. Bam! It struck again. I spilled a little more hot water on my shirt. I frowned a little, wiped my shirt and continued. This happened three more times. Unbelievable. I know.

Then, the sound of a dying manatee drifted into my ears from the lounge room. Alarmed I ran in to find........

......Mum and Dad playing Singstar Disney, 'Aladdin'. It's amazing how much Dad sounds alike to a manatee when he sings...(Jenna once threw up when Dad began to sing Happy Birthday to her. Her excuse was that she was already sick and vomiting, but I know that's just her excuse. She's always had a weak stomach.) Anyway, Jenna put it in a slightly meaner fashion saying that Dad sounded like a 'Constipated Wiener Dog.'

And the third bit of bad luck started when I challenged Mum to High School Musical Singstar. I was confident for two reasons:

  1. I used to be a big High School Musical fan and had sung the songs and knew them a lot better than she.
  2. I had versed Emily on this many times and had won EVERY single time. As she is the family's singer, I had gloated on this fact many times. Ah, pride comes before a fall.

Anyhoo, I versed Mum. She beat me in a good quarter, no HALF of the songs that we sang. I'm so ashamed.


Carrie said...

I used to have a VERY weak stomach. Every time when went on a car trip, I threw up the whole time, and once I threw up in the middle of the lobby of a very fancy hotel. I was little. I don't do it, now.

I'm sure you wanted to know that. =D

Helen said...

Yay Mumsy - when we win against the kids, it's a victory, glorious and a real moment to gloat!

Anonymous said...

she didn't really win, she was having a bad day so i let her she could feel good about herself.
plus she mad ME be the guy every time, and wouldn't be a guy at all. Am I a GUY?!
don't think so.