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Friday, 15 January 2010

Good Times, Good Times

I'm so glad that it's finally Saturday and the weekend! Not that I really need a weekend as it's still Christmas holidays! (Yay!)

I've spent some of the time doing some work on my blog. I've changed the template, and on the sidebars there's some cool photography as well as the covers of some books that I enjoy.

There's an ice skating rink in town and I'm looking forward to going to that, hopefully this weekend. It's only $13 for two hours and I've been doing some jobs for Mum to get the money since I'm pretty much broke after buying the camera.

I've only been ice skating once, and that was in Adelaide when my family and I were travelling Australia. I don't remember too much about that time apart from the fact that I clung desperately to the wall most of the time, and when coaxed into the middle of the rink I fell flat after a few moments of wobbling.

Emily tried to help me out, but she was hardly any better on her feet than I was on mine.

Hopefully, if I go this time, I'll do a leetle bit better than last time.

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Anonymous said...

omygosh! im such a little tank.