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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Shadow Spinner

Book Review
Shadow Spinner
Susan Fletcher

Every night Shahrazad tells the Sultan another story to stop him killing the other women in the harem. Her tales of excitement and adventure are the only thing that stops the Sultan from executing his many wives.
But what will happen when Shahrazad runs out of stories? After almost 1,000 nights she is beginning to get desperate for more stories and she needs Marjan, a crippled, orphan girl to help her.
Marjan now has the dangerous task of sneaking out of the harem to get stories from an old storyteller. If she is caught there will be consequences not only for her, but the lives of many women, including Queen Shahrazad, depend on her.
This stimulating and thrilling story is a read fit for ages ten to adult.
I truly enjoyed reading this novel as it keeps you on edge for the entire story as well as having an incredible storyline.

“An elegantly written novel that will delight and entertain.” –School Library Journal, starred review.
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I would rate this book four stars out of five because it kept me reading excitedly right until the last sentence.

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