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Sunday, 5 December 2010


The other news from this week/weekend, apart from the Dubbo flood, was Muster. Muster is a Cornerstone gathering that happens once a year, and I've loved going for the past couple of years because you get to see so many people (some that you don't see all too often.)

It started Saturday at 9:00. At the Christian School. Em and I were both pretty alert looking out for 'our girls'.

This wasn't all of us. There were more. But this is just one picture out of many.

Will, Cherry, Georgie, Angela, Jo, Emily...

I cropped myself out because I look really miserable.

I wasn't.

I had a great time.

Anyway. Saturday.

Some of the day was spent wandering around, taking photos, talking, ect. We played Laser Tag for about two hours which was fun. I won. I'm good with a gun.

Then, in the afternoon, we ate, played basketball, played hand-ball, messed around, ect.

That night was the concert. There was lots of talent. Emily got up and sang one of her own songs, which, strangely, made me cry.

Then I got up with all (or most, a few may have been missing) the other Dunn Swamp ( kids and we sang a song together. It was pretty good :).

Sunday Emily and I sat in for a session. The guy talking was a Kiwi who talked really fast and was possibly a little hard to understand at times, but it was still okay.

That afternoon we played a Wide Game with noodles. Possibly this is why my shoulders are so terribly sore today. Because I wielded my noodle so viciously.

Then that afternoon, Muster finished for most. A few stuck around. We swam. And played Mud Volleyball.

I'm still picking grains of sand and dirt out of my hair. It was awesome though.

Good times, good times...

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Helen said...

Quote "I'm good with a gun" Unquote.
Heh heh - when I grow up I want to be just like you miss Jordan Haase.

Ahem - photos of the flood. Let's see them.

Tell your mother I love her and ask her if she's forgiven me for not stopping to see her. It had nothing to do with the flood and everything to do with the fact we were in a hurry. Please forgive me Kay!!!! I'm lovely really.