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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Dubbo Flood

Dubbo has had lots of rain in the past week. Heaps and heaps.

Roads have been closed, shops have been closed, and I've never seen the water come up so high. Our backyard has had it's own little pool.

It's kind of a local attraction at the moment. People go and sit on the bridge and take photos.

We went down to have at look ourselves on Thursday. The next day where we had been standing was covered in water. I was honestly thinking about going for a swim in the football oval.

It's a little bit scary, but it's also very awesome.

Photos soon.


Izi said...

Hi Jordan,

at our place, which is about 2 hours from dubbo, we have had heaps and heaps and heaps of rain the the last few weeks. I mean ...... HEAPS! Infact, we have to really think about where we are going if we go anywhere, cus' most of the rivers are flooded. Infact, we had some friends who were going to go to dubbo on the weekend, but couldn't, because the river has flooded.

Can't wait to see some pics, Izi xoxoxo

Jordan said...

hey izi, :D
i know! it's really crazy how much rain we've had! it's really affected the people in dubbo because it's blocked up the traffic so bad! heaps of people were late for muster this weekend because so many roads are closed!

hope you're going well! xx :)