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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Fiddler on the Roof

On Monday afternoon I came home from Broken Hill after having been there for four or so days.

I had an awesome time! :)

The play-

-was fantastic!

I watched it three times and I would have gone back for more if I could have :)

It was really great.

And apart from that it was also really good to hang around with old friends and also with some new ones...


Izi said...

Hay Jordan,

So gald that you enjoyed the play! I wish that I would have seen it, too. Love all the pictures!

Izi xxx

Helen said...

Oh my goodness Jordan! You are seriously sooo cute! Merry Christmas to the Haase horde!!

Carrie said...

I watched the movie before we saw the play and then again after we saw the play! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!

Jordan said...

Helen! Cute? lol :)
yeah carrie, i loved the play...haven't seen the movie :)