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Monday, 13 September 2010

I went to the Sunshine Coast and took...well...what I took doesn't matter, it's what I brought back (an excessively filled bag and a massive phobia)

After a week of total relaxation and complete laziness (well, not completely, Mum made us take SOME schoolwork), we are back from holidays. So, now for a blogpost, a few photos included...

To begin, we got there (meaning the Sunshine coast, my grandparent's house) a little after seven, I think. We'd just gotten the news that my brother was engaged (YES!) and my eyes were still a little red from crying, no, sobbing. (Yes, I cried, I can't believe it either. If that's what I'm like for the engagement, imagine the wedding!)

But anyway, we had dinner with the relatives and it was good and I was tired and I flopped into bed and stayed there for the next...many hours...

But it was a nice, relaxing week...We did a LOT of shopping and I got a LOT of new clothes,(Thank you Op-Shop that had fill-a-bag for $5!) which is why I found my bag very, very full for the trip back.

And I got this red, ValleyGirl dress which I like a lot because everyone says it looks good.

And that, that there behind me....That is a bathroom..........................................................
And I think that it was maybe the second or third day when I summed up all my courage and decided to go on the canoe/surfski. Now listen up people, I am only going to say this once, it took a LOT of courage to go on that surfski. A LOT! (Note the capital L people.)
The reason for all that courage is because I kept going for long walks around the canal and seeing THESE!

These ugly flapping things that freak me out SO much! I'm just innocently walking around the canal and then I see one of these....Near the shore...staring at me...Out of it's beady eyes....And it's little lung holes (that sit directly beside their eyes) flap in and out, in and out.
You wanna mess with me, girl? Eh? Eh?

And I say in a small voice, "No."
Yeah, well, watch it or I'll get you....With my flapping lung holes!

And this is no small threat...Because those lung holes are SCARY!

That is why, when I went on this-

-I was shaking all over and not daring to look down at the water, not ONCE!
Honestly, my legs, arms, and feet were shaking...And if I looked at the water I felt sick.

I think I have rayphobia...or maybe it's stingphobia...some kind of phobia anyway...

But apart from that, and the creepy, tattooed, pierced guy that sat behind me at the doctor's, (Who was not so creepy when I heard him singing "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift, lol) I had a good holiday!


Kay said...

proud of you Jordan for facing your Rayphobia and actually going out on the water!

Koala said...

Good onya Jordan, bet you didn't fall off that surf ski!

Jordan said...

Haha, not on your life I didn't...

Anonymous said...

Love the red dress! Oh I think you could have taken on the ray and won... just plug his lung holes with your paddle.
See you soon