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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Happy 1st Day of October

I have been so terrible at blogging regularly lately, and I know I should have a good reason for this but I don't. Except that I have been busy lately. And that Facebook takes up lots of computer time.

But anyway, I'm blogging now, and I'll go through some things that I've been doing lately. But very quickly, because I don't have much time...and only three...yes, three..don't be selfish....

  • From Saturday to Tuesday I was a volunteer chef at Cricket Camp, which is a cricket camp for boys. And boys eat a lot. So I broke a lot of records. I think I cut more potatoes, buttered more bread, served more meals, and ordered more pizza than I ever have before in my life. But it was a good time, I miss all those wild, cricket-crazy boys already.

  • Tommorow Emily and I are leaving for Dunn Swamp, near Sydney! It's because Blackstump is cancelled so that's what's on instead for Cornerstone teenagers! Yay!

  • I am getting an awesome pair of converse! I just don't know which ones yet...

1 comment:

Hanwen said...

I would encourage you to consider some converse alternatives.. I love the look of converse but don't quite feel right about the way they are produced.. I'd like to look into it a bit more because I honestly don't know heaps about it.

There used to be shoes that looked like converse but weren't made in sweat-shops.. The store is closed now sadly :(

I found these guys though..

Anyway.. Look into it!!